Prioritise Application Risk Management by Pinpointing the Most Serious Vulnerabilities

Did you know that individual applications receive over 13,000 attacks per month and that 96% of them have vulnerabilities?

Download the Contrast "2020 Application Security Observability Report" to uncover the latest trends and insights on application vulnerabilities and attacks.

Contrast Security brings together findings and insights from research compiled via its Application Security Platform—from development to production—in its “2020 Application Security Observability Report.”

The report uncovers the latest application vulnerability, open-source, and attack trends that directly relate to application risks. Key takeaways reveal that vulnerabilities remain a serious problem and that cyber criminals continue to accelerate their attacks while embracing more sophisticated attack techniques.

  • 96% of applications have vulnerabilities; 11% having at least 6 serious vulnerabilities
  • 13,000+ attacks targeted individual applications each month on average
  • Top 5 vulnerabilities experienced a 60% increase in attacks
  • Applications have an average of 32 open-source libraries, though only 46% are active

The report includes significant analysis around security debt. It finds that organizations with less security debt (viz., fewer vulnerabilities) remediate vulnerabilities much faster than those with higher security debt. This is particularly salient when it comes to serious vulnerabilities, which are remediated dramatically faster. When Contrast customers are compared to legacy application security solutions, the speed for remediation is up to 39x faster.

Get these and other insights and recommendations by downloading the full report. 

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