Cloud, cybersecurity and data: The three IT issues of business

Pushed by the digital transformation underway in companies cloud, data and cyber markets are in full growth. All IT actors want a part of it.

The digital transformation concerns all companies, from microbusinesses to major corporations.

But behind the resolute talk, there are significant disparities in what is being done and what has been achieved. Indeed, this new paradigm requires the involvement of the entire ecosystem, right down to employees, and rethinking the role of the IT division. Although its position was weakened a few years ago, IT is back in the limelight thanks to the new concepts of "IT as a service," agile solutions, user experience, etc. These most often rely on the Cloud, and cannot exist without a solid and secure network architecture or without structured, organised and protected data. This general environment is also being fed by new and innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and the IoT.

So, it’s not surprising that the Cloud, cyber-security and data markets are seeing strong growth. In 2017, the Cloud market was estimated at €8.5 billion, and is expected to balloon by 27% in 2018 (compared with just 3% for all software and IT services). At the same time, after experiencing a 10% increase in 2017, sales of the cybersecurity sector in France are expected to rise a further 10% per year by 2020, a little more quickly than the global market at 9.5% per year. As for the data market, it will top 8% in annual growth. Numbers like these are the stuff of dreams for many industrial sectors and bode well for IT actors.