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New in 2023: If This Then Dev x RFIT!

In partnership with Orso Media, Bruno Soulez, father of the podcast If This Then Dev, Ready For IT will give the floor throughout the year to the "agitators" of the digital transition and security!
A special episode will be unveiled each month from November to April - and one episode will be available live on site in Monaco during the next edition.

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Episode #1: The state of the art of cyber security in France with Bruno LEAL DE SOUSA, CISO & Head of CIO Innovation Department, Celside Insurance

In this first episode on "Security Rules", Bruno LEAL DE SOUSA came to talk to us about the most recurrent attacks in France and in Europe and the best practices to protect oneself from them. He explained how to avoid them, but also how to prepare for their inevitable occurrence...

Episode #2:  Recruitment in cybersecurity with Jean-François LOUAPRE, part-time CISO & President, Hackena

Coming up in december