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New in 2023: If This Then Dev x RFIT!

In partnership with Orso Media, Bruno Soulez, father of the podcast If This Then Dev, Ready For IT will give the floor throughout the year to the "agitators" of the digital transition and security!
A special episode will be unveiled each month from November to April - and one episode will be available live on site in Monaco during the next edition.

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RFIT23 : the review

To round off the podcast series that has accompanied you throughout this year's event, Bruno Soulez welcomed Maria Iacono, Director of Ready For and Les Assises, and Julien Villecroze, CIO, Stelliant Group. In this episode, the subjects that took centre stage this year, such as talent management, eco-responsible IS and user training, were presented.
Bruno Soulez and his guests went back over the origins of Ready For IT, the mission it has been pursuing for a number of years, and tried to guess what the topics of the event might be in 2050.

Live episode: "The Mandalorian of bugs 

For this edition of Ready For IT, Bruno Soulez welcomed Brice Augras, CEO of BZ Hunt, to Monaco LIVE. In this interview, Brice explained to us what it means to be an ethical hacker, how bug bounty differs from penetration testing, and how to become a bug hunter and make a living from it. He came back to the concept of "BLE - Business Logic Error" and wondered about the increasing complexity of systems.

Episode #6: When tech moves organisations

In the new episode of the podcast, Frédéric Charles, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at SUEZ Smart Solutions, discussed several points such as: agility, the internalisation of tech skills, the impact of internal tools on the final product. He spoke about the impact of technology and its evolution on organisations and also underlined the fact that each new technology can have a significant impact on the environment.

Episode #5 : The perpetual motion of the IT department

In this 5th episode of our podcast with Julien Villecroze, CIO of the Stelliant Group. He discusses the role of IT departments in the face of technological change, shadow IT, the business expertise of IT departments, and their role in the face of a crisis, such as the Covid-19 crisis. It also provides ideas and tools to help CIOs deal with the difficulties caused by this type of crisis.

Episode #4: Governance of tech by people

In this 4th episode, Stephan Boisson, Group Chief Digital & Information Officer - Digital Whirl Catalyst at Comexposium, explains how a "transformation project" is not just an IT project. With him, we explore the governance issues of these transformation projects, but also the more global governance of an IS. Furthermore, he discusses the relationship between business, technology, tools and best practices. We also explore the importance of a common repository for the entire company.

Episode #3: Digital security: what are our major challenges?

In this third episode Daniel Benabou, Managing Director of IDECSI and President of CEIDIG, explored the complexity of IT security and what it entails. The main topics discussed were why it is necessary to talk about IT security, the contradiction between security and performance objectives, the financial and technical obstacles to be taken into account when assessing risks, and the four levers that can be used to improve the consideration of cyber security issues.

Episode #2:  Recruitment in cybersecurity with Jean-François LOUAPRE, part-time CISO & President, Hackena

In this second episode Jean-François Louapre, part-time CISO & President of Hackena, discussed recruitment in the field of cybersecurity. As security has gone from being an underestimated field to an expertise that is in great shortage of candidates, what is the training deficit in a profession that contains more and more specialities? 

Episode #1: The state of the art of cyber security in France with Bruno LEAL DE SOUSA, CISO & Head of CIO Innovation Department, Celside Insurance

In this first episode on "Security Rules", Bruno LEAL DE SOUSA came to talk to us about the most recurrent attacks in France and in Europe and the best practices to protect oneself from them. He explained how to avoid them, but also how to prepare for their inevitable occurrence...