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Ready For IT: a turnkey summary of cyber fundamentals

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 Opening conference | The Funny Side of Digital and Security Transformation

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Technology changes exponentially; organizations change logarithmically.

If we want digital and security transformation, we ultimately have to think about organizational transformation. There has never been greater urgency to change, yet, many organizations resist change. There are common misfires with organizational silos not talking to each other. Technology initiatives are often adopted shallowly, missing their full potential. Forrester found that 21% of businesses believe they are “finished” with digital transformation.

With cartoons and case studies, Marketoonist creator Tom Fishburne will help us laugh at ourselves as a way to think about digital and security transformation. Humor is an under-leveraged leadership skill and can help organizations adopt new technology, overcome fear, and drive cultural change.

Speaker : 

Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist


Exclusive talk with three ethical hackers: SaxX, ZaX & Doomer | Insiders: inside the Heads of Cybercriminals with Ethical Hackers!

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In this exciting talk, we will explore the latest trends in cybercrime and discuss our job as IT security specialists. We will compare and contrast the differences between hackers and cybercriminals and the tools and techniques they use. We will also discuss the main cybersecurity challenges in 2023, including the most pressing threats such as phishing, technical vulnerabilities and new attack vectors that have emerged due to the current geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In addition, we will describe how a ransomware attack can unfold, from the opening of an email to the famous red ransomware message. We will also share two cases of incident response on which we intervened (anonymised) to illustrate the impacts observed, the lessons learned and the best practices that resulted.

Finally, we will discuss the place of hackers in tomorrow's society, and how we can adapt our learning and education methods to best prepare the next generation of hackers to face future threats. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how cybersecurity has become a major issue for our connected world today.

White hacker rfit23


Clément Domingo (SaxX), cofounder "Hackers sans frontières" NGO

Brice Augras (ZaX), President and cybersecurity researcher, BZHunt

Victor Poucheret (Doomer), CTO and cybersecurity researcher, BZHunt

Keynote : Supply diversification strategy guarantees supply continuity


With the development of digital transformation, global network connections are facing increasingly high stability requirements. How to ensure supply security of ICT networks has become a new topic. Faced with new supply chain challenges: variability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. How Supply diversification strategy guarantees ICT products supply continuity.

Minggang Zhang

Speaker :

Minggang Zhang, Deputy General Manager, Huawei France

Talk : Generative AI, regulation and the issues behind ChatGPT


The thunderous arrival of ChatGPT on the public scene with its one million users in one week first impressed, then raised awareness. But what opportunities are really behind such a tool that promises to penetrate many businesses?
What are the major trends in the field of generative AI and how will this tool impact the transition and digital security of companies?
How will the European regulation of Artificial Intelligence currently being debated frame this innovation so that we get the best out of the wave initiated by Open AI?

Speaker :

Murielle Popa-Fabre, expert NLP/ML pour les politiques d'IA, Conseil de l'Europe

Murielle P.F

Live podcast in partnership with If this then dev | The best defense is offense: case of the Bug Bounty


Join Bruno Soulez for an unpublished episode recorded live!


brice augras

with Brice Augras (ZaX), President and cybersecurity researcher, BZHunt

Sustainable IT For Growth: A Strategic Differentiator

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Forrester predicts that sustainability will skyrocket into a strategic imperative.

Over the last 18 months, we have seen hefty fines levied against businesses making misleading claims. As scrutiny from consumers and empowered watchdogs such as UK’s CMA grows expect the crackdown to intensify. In 2023, organisations will need to make environmental sustainability a strategic imperative.

Technology executives need to become specialists in a wide range of technologies, methods, and services if they want to make better technological decisions. They also play a crucial role in leading development, delivery modernisation, and more. We’ll discuss the IT domains (Development, Workplace, and Infrastructure) on which to act for lowering the IT carbon footprint.

Speaker : 

Stéphane Vanrechem, Analyste Senior, Forrester

Followed by a round table on GreenIT : State of the art

In a rapidly evolving field, approaches and methods that enable the implementation of digital responsibility within organizations, particularly from an environmental perspective, have been making significant progress for several years. We are thus moving from a stage of awareness of the real impacts to one of inventory (measurement) and concrete initiatives for improvements or even the necessary re-engineering of all or part of the information system. These are all steps that raise challenges.

During this round table, we propose to draw up a portrait of the state of the art through the evocation of concrete examples, very useful to take a step back and prepare actions.


Moderated by Mélanie Bénard Crozat, Editor-in-Chief of S&D Magazine and Impact For the Future

Speaker : 

Cyrille Maltot, Co-founder, President and co-director of Synairgis and AGIT Quebec (Canada), Member of the Green IT Alliance (France), Specialist in the management of digital and enterprise services in an ESR approach

Cyrille Maltot

Round tables

Mastering chaos: the CIO facing the challenges of the crisis!


CIOs face unprecedented challenges due to recurring crises. Learn how to anticipate risk, adapt quickly and track key metrics to maintain business continuity. 45 minutes to understand how to navigate uncertainty in 2023.


Moderated by Jérôme Saiz, Business Protection Expert - OPFORIntelligence

Speakers : 

Julien Villecroze, Director of Information Systems, Stelliant Group

Gilles Casteran, Consultant Director, AIGAVE

Eric Singer, Director, CESIN


Basics but not static


Applying the rules of digital hygiene is common sense. They evolve anyway with the needs and uses, and remain an essential basis to support the digital transformation of the company. But how do you go about it? Are these basics sufficient to reduce risks? Are there "new basics"? Is cyber insurance one of them? 

olivier Bouzereau

Moderated by Olivier Bouzereau, Journalist, Silicon

Speakers : 

Jean-François Louâpre, President, Hackena

Florent Gilain, Chief Information Security Officer, iBanFirst

Florence Devambez, DSI, Albingia


Digital sovereignty: a challenge for the territorial organization of digital ecosystems


The issue of digital sovereignty concerns all companies. What is the impact
of these choices on the territorial organization of digital ecosystems? What lessons should we learn from the Monaco data center, which is back-up in Luxembourg, in an "e-ambassade"? How should CIOs manage these sovereignty issues and what are the consequences for companies?


Moderated by Mélanie Bénard Crozat, Editor-in-Chief of S&D Magazine and Impact For the Future

Speakers : 

Garance Mathias, Associate Lawyer, Mathias Avocats

Frédéric Charles, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation Suez Smart Solution

Jean Charles Harlé, Director of Information Systems, Government of Monaco


Innovation and security, the best enemies? The example of low-code / no-code!


Low-code & no-code platforms allow applications to be developed quickly and easily, paving the way for innovation and meeting business expectations.  However, this approach raises security concerns. How can we guarantee the security of applications created with these platforms? How do you manage the risks associated with these technologies while still enjoying the benefits they offer?


Moderated by David Aubron, Content Manager, DG Consultants

Speakers : 

groupe table ronde mercredi

Bruno Leal de Sousa, CISO & Head of CIO Innovation Department, Celside Insurance

Brian Grenon, RSSI, Bluecom

We've lost the talent! How do you manage your resources in a tight IT market?


In a market where skills are scarce, how can we effectively manage human resources? How can we transform jobs to make them more attractive, adapt positions, and limit outsourcing of IT jobs to keep skills in-house? How can we avoid the risks associated with outsourcing critical functions while taking advantage of the benefits it offers?


Moderated by Alexandre Boero, Journalist Reporter, Clubic

Speakers : 

Delphine Vesin, Project Manager "Regulatory framework for digital security", La Poste Group

Camille Morvan, Dr. in neuroscience and founder of Goshaba

Thomas Houdaille, Director of Development, La Plateforme

table ronde

Resilience, the best protection of the company's information assets... Protect your queen!


Backup and protection of company data are increasingly crucial issues. The risks of cyber attacks, accidental losses or data leaks can have dramatic consequences for the company. How to effectively protect the organization's information assets? How to implement advanced backup methods and analysis techniques such as BCP and DRP? And above all, how to have a resilient system?


Moderated by Stephan Boisson, Group Chief Digital & Information Officer - Digital Whirl Catalyser, Comexposium

Speakers : 

Nadège Reynaud, Cybersecurity Director, TNP Consultants

Cyrile Elsen, CIO, Serenicity

Benoit Fuzeau, President of Clusif and CISO of Casden Banque Populaire

Paul-Olivier Gibert, President, AFCDP