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Discover Ready For IT expert round table programme designed to meet your digital transformation challenges.

Ready For IT round tables are a real meeting of experts around the major current trends in digital transformation!

  • ISD / Purchasing Department = same fights?

Long distant or not on the same wavelength, CIOs and Purchasing departments are working more and more closely together. The fault (or thanks) to the cloud which highlights the use and reshuffled the cards of IT consumption. On the one hand, forcing Purchasing to become a true business partner and to intervene more upstream. And CIOs to wonder about new modes of consumption with sometimes a little blurry outlines. So, in this new context, how to manage the “scalability” of SaaS? Integrate Open Source solutions and their set of associated services? Acquire agile services? Or include purchases in a Green IT approach?

  • Sovereignty: how to reconcile performance and integrity of information assets?

Many French organizations, even public ones, today choose non-European technological solutions for reasons of cost, availability and efficiency. And the crisis only amplified the phenomenon. This posture nevertheless questions the sovereignty of data and the integrity of the information heritage. But do companies really have a choice when the European “champions” are struggling to emerge? Can the Gaia-X initiative meet these challenges? Is Open Source one of the solutions? What are the risks in economic, technological and ethical terms? We have to ask ourselves the questions because the choices made today should not hamper the decisions of tomorrow.

  • Ransomware: must we negotiate?

Ransomware has become a real scourge and no public or private organization is immune. In France, the watchword of the authorities is not to pay. Despite everything, some companies, for fear of completely losing their data or even risking bankruptcy, prefer to accept a transaction. But how do you negotiate with a pirate? What is the role of insurers? What is the room for maneuver of companies?

  • 18 months later: what "technological" transformation for the company and its employees?

We have said it over and over again: the crisis / confinements have transformed organizations with the development of teleworking, the acceleration of dematerialization and robotization ... but what consequences for the future? How to consider long-term team management in teleworking? What conclusions can we draw from projects carried out “remotely”? Based on this experience, how does the IT department prepare for future challenges?

  • Data: the new ISD pilot?

While data is essential for personalizing and improving customer relations, it cannot be confined to these areas. Because data is multidimensional and concerns almost all business activities. No Industry 4.0, Iot-IT convergence or Edge Computing without careful use of data. Predictive analytics is becoming one of the major tools of CIOs. Experience feedback from this approach to data in its multidimensiona

  • Digital sobriety: from the Green IT concept to the responsible business approach

The current health crisis shows us that digital technology constitutes a formidable lever for modernization, economic and social development. However, over the past ten years or so, we have witnessed a gradual awareness of the environmental impacts of digital technologies within organizations, fostered by the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

What is the concrete contribution of the ISD today to his company's "low carbon" agenda, and beyond, its contribution to CSR on the subject of "digital sobriety"? What are the prerequisites and practices for CIOs / DNUMs to set up a sustainable Information System and its digital services? What are the concrete actions that can be deployed in our companies to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology in a sustainable way?