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Discover the programme of the Ready for IT experts round tables intended to meet your digital transformation challenges.

Ready for IT round tables are real expert gathering around the major current trends in digital transformation.

> IT systems departments: How to win the talents war?

To speed up their digital transformation, organisations need special human resources adapted to their issues. But how to find and recruit those talents that are sought after by all the companies? As for internal solutions, the teams need to be able to adapt to new challenges and retain the most promising employees. This roundtable will be based on testimonials and feedback.

> Data factory: a new approach to process data

In parallel with data factories and other data lakes, many companies reflect on new ways to process data in a business approach. Data factories gather business, data and computer skills and aim at performance improvements creating value for all the business units. How to create a data factory? How to use it and organise it? Relying on user feedback from companies with brand new data factories, this roundtable will try to answer those questions and reassess the different solutions.

> Is Edge Computing a friend or an enemy to Cloud?

While some experts want to compare Cloud Computing to Edge Computing – distance and IT for the former and proximity and OT for the later, the link between the two models is now admitted. And the new projects 5G brings such as self-driving cars will speed up this convergence even more. Although Edge technologies turn out essential to guarantee rapidity and activity continuity, Cloud is a base as essential to properly process huge quantities of data. For companies, this new layout will have consequences on information system architecture and technology choices. On the other hand, can cloud actors who develop new functionalities integrating Edge Computing Gateways find a new way to grow? And what about the market newcomers? Let’s debate together during this roundtable full of complementary examples.

> Carbon footprint and digital sobriety: beyond intentions, actions

Green IT is now a challenged for the IT systems departments that must consider the environmental impacts of the digital world on the real world. This approach implies processes and habits changes, as well as apps developments. However, this sustainable wish is not easy to put into practice. How to define and elaborate an HQE standard? How to measure its actual impact? Thanks to advice and user feedback from several organisations, this roundtable will tackle the challenges, successes and limits we have observed so far.

> Design thinking as a means to line up strategies

Despite some progress, the relationship between IT systems departments and business units is often disappointing, which leads to a decrease in production quality. The IT department members do not listen properly the business unit members while the later do not know how to explain their needs. How to fix their relationship and organise workshops to drive successful talks and adapted workflows? Design thinking can be the solution to line up the different strategies and start a virtuous circle beneficial to all. This roundtable will set out the key steps of Design thinking and help us understand how this model leads to project success.

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