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Ready For IT opening conference in 2 parts:

Round table : The Digital Transformation Odyssey

with Malika Pastor, Director of Information Systems and Digital, Colliers & Vincent Niebel Director of EDF Group Information Systems

The Digital Transformation Odyssey

A Key Component of the Company's Strategic Transformation This new paradigm opens up innovative horizons for all and in particular for the IT department: it must seize the opportunities in terms of digital innovation to consolidate its leadership position, promote the extended enterprise, automate processes, improve and enrich oriented digital experiences. customers and users (…) and ensure the success of this transformation on a regular basis. We suggest that you embark not for a destination but for a journey in this hybrid and responsible cyberspace, made up of both constraints and opportunities:

  • Malika Pastor, CIO and Digital, Colliers
  • Vincent Niebel, CIO, EDF Group
  • Stanislas Duthier, CIO, Rocher Group 

will come to share their digital epics.

Etienne Klein, Philosopher, Physicist, and Director of Research at CEA

Digital and society: what are the challenges?

Digital and society: what are the challenges? How does society perceive digital?

As part of his research at CEA, Etienne Klein studied the way in which the general public, via the media and literary publications, considers digital issues. At the same time, he interviewed a number of CEA researchers on the same themes. The comparison of the results shows that the apprehension of the subject sometimes reveals real differences.

During this conference, the philosopher / physicist will share with us some conclusions of the study and his analyzes on the place of digital technology in society


Tuesday June 29th, from 9:30am to 10am

Keynote Huawei

Guaranteeing a sustainable telecoms sector in the service of ecological transition


During this keynote SHI Weiliang President of Huawei France and ZHANG Minggang Deputy Managing Director of Huawei France will present the company's approach to guaranteeing a sustainable telecoms sector serving the ecological transition. And they will question how the telecoms industry can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of other industrial sectors.


Wednesday June 30th, from 9:30am to 10am

Accenture Keynote
On the trail of leaders: the moment of truth for champions of change

During the pandemic that hit the whole world, technology served as a lifeline: it allowed the establishment of new ways of working, thus giving rise to new interactions and new experiences, while improving sanitary conditions and safety.

Technology has definitely changed our expectations and behavior.
It gave birth to completely new realities in all sectors. At a time when companies are no longer content to react to the crisis, but start to imagine the world afterwards.

It is the most daring and visionary leaders - that is, those who harness technology to harness change - who will write the future.

 This is what the 21st  Accenture Technology Vision 2021  report states, unveiling the major technology trends that will redefine industries and businesses over the next three years.

  • Speaker: Emmanuel Viale, Managing Director of the European Accenture Technology Labs in Sophia Antipolis, South of France