Round Tables 2019

The editorial committee is working on the roundtable program based on current trends.

Discover the first round-table topics:


► 2019 : the year of the CIO?

Although the ISD has been considered “passé" in recent years with respect to more innovative positions like Chief Digital Officer, or simply has little influence with the executive committee/board of directors, their role is evolving within the company. This year could well provide a unique opportunity for ISDs to change their trajectory and to position themselves truly as one of the masters of the digital transformation, provided they are able to respond to the issues that arise and that require a bi-modal positioning between agility and exploitation of the legacy. This round table takes a (quick) look to the past before focussing primarily on this evolution of the ISD in today’s cloud-focussed world.

► Data Lake : Why? How?  

Data lakes are increasingly being used by companies for stocking agile data. However, setting up a data lake has to be part of a broader business strategy and respond to needs that have been clearly identified upstream. Approaches have evolved since the first data lake projects (not all of which were successful). In particular, we are now seeing the need to include intelligence in the data model. This round table presents feedback from companies that have implemented (or are integrating) a data lake.

► Will the Cloud be the next ERP?

The Cloud in its various forms (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) is growing strongly with companies today, and the market is up 32% according to the most recent Synergy Research Group study. However, the issues and constraints of micro-businesses that use accounting software are vastly different from those of multinationals with polymorphic needs. For large accounts, the Cloud isn’t always sufficient to eliminate dependence on a supplier, like the On-Premise model. So, how do we avoid repeating the same mistakes? Can the solution lie in a multi-cloud approach? This round table presents testimonials from major groups dealing with these questions.

► The exploitation of company data: A strategic and technical question

Does data represent the company’s "black gold"? Of course, but we’re a long way from expecting ROI. What data are we talking about? What meaning do we want to give data? How do we calculate their value as a function of use? This round table presents feedback in order to consider the many facets of data use.

► The Digital Factory: A different way of providing service

Neither a suggestion box nor a simple marketing concept, the Digital Factory provides services to the business using methodologies different from conventional processes. Still, it must be integrated in the existing IT architecture and infrastructure, and be part of a concerted approach by both the ISD and CDO. This round table uses experiences (including from a Product Owner) to explain why and how to make a Digital Factory and what may be the keys for success (or reasons for failure).

► What skills are needed for the digital transformation?

The digital transformation means new businesses, a new organisation and new skills. A company might want to appeal to external resources, but they are scarce and in high demand. So, instead it has to rely on its own employees. But how do we involve and evolve IT teams toward this new paradigm? This round table examines a crucial subject shared by all organisations of every size.

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