Opening Conference

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"Algorithms: Thinking against your brain" by Etienne Klein

The philosopher, physicist and research director at CEA will host the opening conference of Ready For IT 

Etienne Klein, philosophe
For the philosopher, the observation of the phenomena which surround us goes against the physical laws which govern them. What without going back to Galileo can lead to ignorance and even intolerance.

During this conference, Etienne Klein will show that we must therefore think against our brain, that is to say bring paradox, contradiction if we want to set in motion our thinking and therefore develop the critical mind. This will lead him to draw a parallel with the algorithms and the way of processing the data which offer us today a vision which one can judge comfortable even reassuring but which is devoid of critical spirit and do not push to the intellectual challenge.

Find Etienne Klein at Ready For IT on Monday 25 May 2020 at 5.30 pm.