Conferences 2019

IT Directions: Will you reinvent yourself?

Plenary conference: IT Directions: Will you reinvent yourself?

New business challenges, new customer needs (internal and external), data valorization, complex technologies, risk anticipation ... all the challenges that IT departments have to face without restricting innovation capabilities. So how to reposition yourself in the organization? How to respond to the constraints of support professions, be agile in a context of skills shortage, while preserving the security of information systems? And if it was a question of rethinking the CIO and its business model? 

To answer, we will receive:

Sophie Viger, Director of Ecole 42, Guillaume Poupard, Director of ANSSI, Maud Fiancette, CIO Suez France and Frédéric Charles, Director Digital Strategy & Innovation Suez Smart Solutions

Julia de Funes, philosopher and author of "La comédie (in)humaine" will close this plenary conference.

The debates will be moderated by Majda Chaplain, CEO of MC Factory