One-to-One Meetings

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In 2019, 1425 One-to-One meetings were made during the event! Ready For IT participates in the growth of your business: We provide a platform recommending profiles according to your interests and trades.

Why make appointments ?

• Identify and meet relevant contacts through our linking recommendations
• Consolidate your relationships in a privileged way
• Save time and maximize your participation by planning your upstream interviews
• Develop your personalized and effective calendar

Fill your agenda in a few clicks

1. Make your requests for appointment on our dedicated platform
2. Search for your perfect matches
3. Validate received proposals
4. Organize additional appointments on site

In need for more information?

Key Account Manager (Partners)

Oscar Duong

Guests Manager (Guests)

Lucile Seroussi


Join the event and select in advance and on site the profiles you want to meet during Ready For IT!