Ready For It: The event at the heart of companies transformation!

DG Consultants, organiser of Les Assises de la Sécurité for 18 years, is innovating with Ready For IT, a new business meeting focused on the convergence of technologies and the customer experience. 

Why this new event?

Because demand is exploding from companies, all of which are engaged in the digital transformation.
While suppliers are evolving their offers and are organising themselves in technological ecosystems to better meet their clients’ needs.
With business imperatives, requests from BUs, technical constraints and promises of new concepts (IA, blockchain, etc.), organisations want solutions, advice and service.

Join the Cloud !

Yes, but how and who will help us?
Structure data, but using which technologies and in which context? And what about security, that now has to be at the heart of all IT processes?
This is why DG Consultants, the world reference for business meetings, has designed Ready For IT.
To bring together in a relaxed atmosphere around high-quality content all the major IT actors, as well as start-ups offering innovation and "disruption".

Join us from 20 to 22 May 2019 in Monaco!